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Looking for apartment for daily rent in Odessa? For apartment to stay in Odessa center for weekend? You are in a right place.

Alternative for hotels in Odessa. *** Prices are fixed in hryvnas ***

Phone for booking 0983676697 Tetyana (international format +380983676697). skype name: dailyrent.od.ua


Two-room apartment on Lieutenant Schmidt street in Odessa a day

Two-room apartment on Aleksandrovsky prospectus 750UAH a day

Two-room apartment on Nechipurenko lane 800 hryvnas a day

Four-room apartment on Aleksandrovsky prospectus 2500UAH a day

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Attention: by requests of our customers, prices for rent fixed in ukrainian hrivnas.

Map of Odessa with apartments marked
How to book and pay

We ask you to understand our position regarding the fact, that we prefer clients who are ready to make an advance payment for the residing. This is because we faced (more often than we expect) the situation when clients book an apartment and refuse to call and cancel their booking in case of changing their plans. The only way to keep low prices on rent of apartments is to avoid idle times. Therefore we are guided by a strict rule: nothing enhances trust so strongly as 100% advance payment for whole term of residing.

After you have booked apartment, you have 24 hours to make an advance payment. If we do not receive money until 24 hours term expires, we will cancel the booking. There is no time to visit bank - pay directly on a site using Visa or Mastercard payment cards. We bring our excuses, but financial crisis force us to work strictly, orderly and weed out those clients who make a booking, but not hurry with payment or not willing to do this at all.

Advance payment is not necessary only in case when you call and accommodate in the same day. If you call to book an apartment for the next day, the advance payment will still be necessary. You may pay for accommodation right now using your Visa or Mastercard payment cards. How to do it is described below. If you do not have payment card - free-up 10 minutes of your time and visit the nearest bank department.

Sometimes the most reliable plans fall apart. How to cancel booking and return an advance payment in this case? If you cancel an advance payment in 3 days (72 hours) before the settling, all money will be returned to you in full minus expenses on money transfer. If you cancel an advance payment in 2 days (48 hours) before settling, residing cost for the first day is kept, and we will return you the rest of your money minus expenses on money transfer. If you cancel an advance payment in 1 day (24 hours) before settling, residing cost for first two days is kept, and the rest of your money minus expenses on money transfer will be returned to you.

If you get a discount of residing cost from us, than advance payment will not be returned to you on any conditions.

How to book and pay for accommodation.

1. From territory of Ukraine. Wire transfer to bank account of the entrepreneur/natural person through any bank of Ukraine. The account for residing can be sent to you by fax, e-mail or dictated by phone. On your request we will present official documents: copy of certificate of state registration , copy of inquiry on single tax payment ( type of activity - tenancy of own real estate property), the agreement.

2. Worldwide. Using Card Visa or Mastercard directly on this site. Residing cost in grivnas is recalculated in USD at a current exchange rate (8,0). On any page of the site press a green button, which designated as ”Live Help”. Such button is in the end of this section. In the opened window press the reference “transfer money for vvvv“. Fill the fields: “Sum” - enter the sum for all term of residing in USD, “Name" - "residing payment” and your surname and initials, “your E-mail”- enter your email address, "Comment"- enter 2-room apartment on Aleksandrovsky prospectus for 3 persons on 2 days since June, 2nd 2009”, Of course, it is necessary to write exactly those apartment which you have reserved, enter real quantity of persons for whom the apartment was reserved, date of reservation, and real quantity of days of residing. After carefully filling all fields press "Pay" button, than thoroughly check the information you have entered and once again press "Pay" button. In a second you will be redirected on a secured server of Privatbank, where it will be necessary to enter the data of your card and accomplish your payment by pressing "Proceed" button.

3. Worldwide. Transfer through Western Union or any similar system of private transfers. Call to find out name and address of money transfer receiver.

4. For Worldwide money transfer you may also use payment method through webmoney. If you know what it is - call to find out number of Z-purse on which you will transfer money.

Attention: we give all documents required for accounting report to travellers. Documents are identical to those used during hotel accommodation.


Want a discount?

How to get a discount for residing? We will give you a single discount of 20 hryvnas per day of residing, if you place reference tohttp://dailyrent.od.ua on any site which allows to look through its contents without registration. It can be your personal site, LiveJournal, Odnoklassniki etc. Vkontakte.ru is not suitable for this purpose, because it is impossible to look through site contents without registration. Three placed references on three different sites allow to get a discount of 20 hryvnas for each of three days of residing. You can not get a discount for one residing a day on a sum more than 20 hryvnas. You will not reside free of charge for placing dozens of references. The reference must be placed before settling and you should inform us about it beforehand.


If you have questions, please call 0983676697, Viber 0930045749 in Ukraine, Tatyana. The same number in international format is +380983676697. Phone consulting is the best way to answer your questions quickly. Skype is also good for communication. skype nickname: dailyrent.od.ua

If you don't live in Ukraine and don't want to spent money for international calls - write on t (at) dailyrent.od.ua; We do our best to respond all letters in 24 hours. (at) in email should be replaced with @ symbol. Or call/write on skype.


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